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General Conditions of Use

I) You have access to a work that is identified under the IDDN system which consists of:

1. A digital file (or set of files) over which rights are claimed on the basis of authors' rights (Bern Convention and Universal Copyright Convention), neighbouring rights (Rome Convention), the TRIPS agreement or any contractual undertakings.

2. An IDDN international identifier attributed to this file. The IDDN shall be part of the rights management information provided for by article 12 of the WIPO Copyright Treaty adopted on 20 December 1996.

3. The special conditions for the use and exploitation of the file, as laid down by the rightholder.

II) You may reproduce, use or exploit all or part of this file by accepting the following contractual provisions :

1. you shall comply with the IDDN INTERDEPOSIT Charter as well as with any special conditions of use and exploitation.

2. you shall reproduce the IDDN (mandatory) and insert the IDDN pictogram (optional); for any full or partial reproduction made available on the Internet, you shall set up a link to the IDDN certificate; off-line, the number and certificate should be appended to the referenced work.

3. your derivative creations shall be referenced under the IDDN system.

III) Enforcement of rights

Any use or exploitation that is made in breach of the special conditions and of the IDDN INTERDEPOSIT Charter shall constitute an infringement of the rights of the holder, being prohibited under international conventions and the applicable domestic law in each country.

IV) Arbitration clause

Any dispute that may arise with respect to the special conditions and to the IDDN INTERDEPOSIT Charter, which govern the contractual relations between a user and a rightholder pertaining to a creation that is identified under the IDDN system, or related thereto, shall be referred to arbitration for final settlement. The procedure shall be based on the WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules

In the absence of any specific agreement the place of arbitration shall be Geneva (Switzerland) and the language to be used in the proceedings shall be English. The dispute shall be settled in accordance with the domestic law of the country of the work's nationality, as identified by the IDDN. The parties hereby agree that the entire proceedings may be conducted on-line.

I agree to contribute with IDDN to ensuring compliance with intellectual property rights I do not accept these conditions, and undertake not to reproduce, use or otherwise exploit the file


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