The Union of Computerized Phonogram Producers and the Interdeposit network have announced the signing of an agreement concerning the identification of Midi files by virtue of the IDDN system created in 1994.


Midi files, which are electronic versions of mechanical instruments, have been met with an ever-increasing number of users, due to their popularity in such dynamic fields as karaoke, multimedia computers, and the Internet.

The UCPP, founded in 1996, assembles producers and diffusers of Midi musical sequences who wish to provide their clients, as well as all concerned right holders, with the legal peace of mind crucial to the diffusion of numeric works.

InterDeposit assigns an identifier to every Midi file produced in France by a member of the UCPP, which makes it possible to ensure the authenticity of the work and to bring use and reproduction rights to the attention of the user.

It is in the best interests of composers, publishers, and producers to reference their on-line works diffused over the Internet. This enables them to inform all potential users of all rights or claims pertaining to their works.

As for users, they too stand to benefit from obtaining products identified by IDDN, for this in turn allows them to access original works which are protected against misuse, as well as to easily obtain information pertaining to conditions for use, the identity of the right holder, and conditions for the creation of adaptations of the work.

Please bear in mind that the IDDN international identifier is included in Article 12 of WIPO's (World Intellectual Property Organization) treaty on author rights, ratified on the 20th of December, 1996.

The electronic contract associated with the IDDN identifier provides for the settling of disputes by WIPO's Arbitration and Reconciliation Committee, which resolves disagreements arising between users and creators of numeric works.

The UCPP governs the producers of computerized phonograms so as to establish a professional code of ethics in working with other industry professionals such as artists, publishers, management firms, etc…

UCPP defends the financial and moral rights of its members, particularly in cases involving infringement. It has also helped to set up a framework for the safe and legal use of Midi files by creating a standard contract between publishers, the Association of Mechanical Reproduction Rights, and the UCPP which also includes an agreement between SDRM and producers as well as a programming charter establishing a production standard. The latter is reinforced by the IDDN identifier which makes it possible to control the use of the concerned works easily and efficiently.

Paris, on 5th of February 1998

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