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Participez à la campagne pour le respect du droit d'auteur


Interdeposit has entrusted the APP Paris with the mission to record the undermining of creators' rights.

Francis Dreyfus Music and Jean Michel Jarre, co-editors of the works composed by J-M. Jarre, ask the APP (Agency for the Protection of Programs) to proceed to the recording of reproduction and diffusion of all or parts of their works on the Internet (cf. translation below the official document) :

Translation of the proxy :

Having regard to the Berne Convention,
Having regard to the WIPO Copyright Treaty,
Having regard to the French Intellectual Property Code,
Having regard to the decrees by the French Minister of Culture dating from 21st of march 1996,

The undersigned,

Jean Michel JARRE

Co-editors of the works composed by Mister Jean Michel Jarre,

ask the Agency for the Protection of Programs (APP), located at 119, avenue de Flandre
at Paris (75019),

to have proceed by its agents on oath to the recording of reproduction and diffusion of 
all or parts of their works on the Internet.

Whithin the scope of the defence of their rights, the co-editors are particularly attached to
the integrity of their works and the simultaneous mentioning both of the co-editors' names on
any reproduction, total or partial.

The co-editors specify that they did not authorize the publication of all or parts of their works
neither on the Internet with the only exception of the official site : JEANMICHELJARRE.COM nor under any
other electronic form, in french or in a different language.

The co-editors entrust the APP with addressing the necessary formal demands to any responsible person
of illicit diffusion of works, in particular to the involved persons in charge of publication, to
to the hosts of sites and to the providers.

Done at Paris, 10th of september 1997
in triplicate



... the APP has demanded more than two hundred Web-Sites to stop the illicit diffusion. Consult the list of URLs containing infringements of protected works.

Press release... (in French)


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