Protection of Copyright and neighboring rights
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International Protection of authors' rights and Neighboring Rights

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InterDeposit, an international federation for data-processing and information technologies, set up in Geneva on 10 January 1994, is made up of the various organisations concerned by the protection of intellectual property rights over digital works.

InterDeposit has put together an international system for the identification of works - IDDN (InterDeposit Digital Number) –offering rightholders the possibility of protecting and exercising their rights over any type of digital creation (music, sound, photographs, moving and still pictures, logos, texts, software, data bases, web sites, etc) regardless of format.

The IDDN system is compatible with other standards and can be handled either directly or via the intermediary of third parties (publishers, literary agents, collective management companies, etc.).

In addition, InterDeposit has entrusted one of its founder members, the Agency for the Protection of Programs Paris, with the task of carrying out checks for any unlawful use or reproduction on the Internet.

1) Principle of protection by the IDDN system
2) Detecting the unlawful use or exploitation of works – settlement of disputes

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