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As soon as the rightholder is a member, he makes a backup of the work he wants to reference [1]. He creates an electronic signature for the file containing his work [2] and writes the particular conditions for the use and exploitation of his work [3]. The rightholder fills out the IDDN referencing form and INTERDEPOSIT attributes an IDDN to the work [4]. This certification containing the specific conditions for use and exploitation is to be appended to the work by the rightholder [5].

Step 1 : Backup of the work

The rightholder makes a backup of the work he want to reference. It is important to keep this file safely.

Step 2 : Calculation of the electronic signature

Windows 95/98/NT : The rightholder downloads the iddn signature tool (424 Kb) to sign his work. This tool creates a "Iddn" directory on Hard Disk "c:" and saves the successive signatures there. With the iddn signature tool he can easily copy and paste the signature to the online form.

Mac OS 6 and beyond : The user downloads Checksum (version 1.3) to sign a file or a directory. Then he copies and pastes the signature to the online form.

Alternative way : The affiliated member may choose the key calculation software of his choice and may apply it to the file comprising his work. The member should verify that the tool he has chosen is recognised by INTERDEPOSIT. If this be not the case, he is invited to inform INTERDEPOSIT of the existence of this tool, with all necessary information (name, version, publisher’s address...).

Step 3 : Particular conditions

Before referencing, the rightholder defines the particular conditions for the use and exploitation of his work.

Step 4 : Assignment of an IDDN

The rightholder accesses to the member's menu (member's number and password). He communicates his request to INTERDEPOSIT through an online form. For more information, consult the IDDN codification page. INTERDEPOSIT generates the IDDN Certification, on the basis of the information given while the work is being referenced. This certification groups together : - the IDDN, - the name (or title) of the work, - the rightholder's name, - the origin of the works used for the creation of the work (if there are any), - the conditions of use and exploitation defined by the rightholder, - the MD5 electronic signature of the certification (key calculated by the software granting chronology and inviolability of the referencing).

Step 5 : The rightholder appends the referencing certification to his work

The URL of the IDDN Certificate is communicated to the member by INTERDEPOSIT. The IDDN network recommends the insertion of the IDDN pictogram (see all the logos). On the Internet, a simple click on the IDDN pictogram will direct the user to the certificate. In all other cases, the certificate is intended to be included as is in the medium of diffusion, appended to the work itself.