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The INTERDEPOSIT network is launching an information campaign on the enforcement of intellectual property rights on the Internet. Since 1993, the INTERDEPOSIT network has provided a unique perspective on the use of digital works based on the "authorised with the following exceptions " concept rather than the older concept of "prohibited with the following exceptions".

Through inscription with a network organisation, the author claims authorship of an original work while reaffirming his recognition of the rights of other authors on existing works. Three clicks of the mouse are enough to copy a work (image, Web site...) which is available on the Internet. Any person with legitimate access to this work should be able to exploit it and use it should the occasion arise, given that he respects the conditions defined by owners of the rights in this work.

These conditions for use should be available through simple consultation, either through the network member where the subscription took place, or because they are included or applied to the work. In case of conflict on property rights, national and international arbitration committees are competent and quickly resolve litigation under the guidelines of international treaties. The INTERDEPOSIT network has had a pioneering role in the settling of conflicts by arbitration.

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